Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mahlagha Jaberi is officially the most popular woman

on this blog. Today alone, she had 84 views. Congratulations to the beautiful Mahlagha Jaberi.
2nd = Claudia Lynx @ 34 views
3rd = Parisa Kabiri @ 27 views
4th = Sarah Afshar @ 17 views
5th = Paria Sanati @ 13 views
6th = Elmira Eskandarian @ 12 views
7th = Shadie Aftabi @ 11 views
8th = Neda Faraji @ 10 views
9th = Niloofar Salehi @ 9 views
10th = Sahar Honari @ 7 views
Congratulations beautiful ladies!
If anyone knows of a beautiful Persian woman to add to this blog, email me @ realpersianbeauty@gmail.com
If anyone has any recommendations, please email me @ realpersianbeauty@gmail.com and include the name of the Iranian woman and I will go and head and post them up.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Google changed it's set up

So all of the comments didn't go through because I accidentally hit the delete button. If your comment was accidentally deleted, just go ahead and post it again. Thanks.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mahlagha Jaberi

I was banned from Iranian.com

The administrator Jahanshah Javid is joke. He has fake accounts in this website to respond to people, including on the post I made about this blog. It is very obvious he is a possible closet homosexual and is very sexually repressed.

When I made the comment that the women responding were jealous of the women on this blog (including Anahid Hojjati, a sexually repressed and very bitter Iranian woman and you can click on the link to see her picture) because it's in their DNA, I was banned. No warning, nothing!

I was attacked and called "Zoolander" and even called a "Fag" and yet although the comments were deleted, the person that attacked me (which is more than likely Jahanshah's alter) is still a member and I was banned. Faramarz is most likely one of Jahanshah's accounts or possibly one of Anahid's alters. Not gonna even stress it because if you look at me and then look at his ugly mug, you can kind of get an idea of why he is jealous of me.

If you are wondering why I haven't responded to the post I made regarding this blog on Iranian.com it is because of the administrator Jahanshah. He banned me from the website. It is very obvious the dude has a few screws loose. Most of the accounts are his (which is obvious) and he responds to himself all day long to get a debate going, trying to stir up the pot and get more hits to the website. Could his fear of Bia2.com taking over Iranian website be why this is the case?

Then, someone (probably another fake account or alias of Jahanshah's) posts this woman

and dubs her as the most beautiful Iranian, slandering all of the women on this blog and saying they are ugly, etc. Which is a joke. Look at the lady above. Aesthetically speaking (and most people would agree with me), she is haggard and plain as shit. Her face is jacked up. She has a big, yet long nose. Weird mouth. Very pale looking, anemic and just looks washed up and dried out. It is very obvious that an old person would post this woman because no one my age would and respond dubbing her as such. Could it be our friend Jahanshah?

The website Iranian.com crap. Mediocre. Bad programming. Heavy bandwidth. Very old format. Not even as good as bia2.com which is fairly updated. So much code is on it also. Plus, you are censored and attacked for having an opinion that differs from Jahanshah's. I guess he doesn't believe in practicing freedom of speech, like most old washed up Iranian men.

What's funny about it is its almost like Jahanshah slapped java script or html coding from affiliate programs onto the website because someone told him that is how he would make money from it. Sorry dude but, you're never gonna make money because the website Iranian.com is shit. Bia2.com for the win!

*The first amendment of the constitution protects my rights as an American, which is why I am free to post this on my blog. I have every right to exercise my rights, which is why this blog post is protected. No deletion is necessary because it is violation of my rights.*